Bill’s Genealogy

I’m interested in sharing genealogy information on Church, Morrison, Hayes, Baker, Bradish and Scott in CT, VT, NY, PA, KS, MO and IL. On my maternal side – Barbee, Walker, Garner, Ebert, Rettinghouse, Badgley, Quick, Adams, Freeland and Day in NJ, VA, NC, TN, IN, IO, NE and IL.

Currently working on Richard Walker, b March 30, 1770 in Buckingham Co., VA. He lived in Stokes, NC – Grainger, Rhea and Bledsoe, TN and died in Indian Creek, IN on August 16, 1859. His father Elmore, of Buckingham Co., VA, Guilford and Rockingham counties NC,was in the Battle of the Guilford Court House during the Revolutionary War, serving in the Continental Army. His home was so near the battle that his wife (maybe – Mary LaSalle or could be Susan Chatalene?) and son heard the roar of the cannons. His brothers were Jesse (An early famous Methodist Preacher circuit rider), James, Elmore, David, Alexander (Sandy) and a sister (name unknown). James settled in Davidson Co., TN (probably Elmore and Alexander did to). James’ son James followed Jesse to Illinois and married Jesse’s daughter Jane. David was a Doctor and moved to Illinois. Jesse, young James and David first settled in St. Clair County, IL prior to 1810, then moved to Northern IL. Jesse and Young James are buried in Plainfield and David in LaSalle County Illinois.

My Paternal Family Names: Hayes, Toupenot, Tuppenoh, Terbine, Carby, Baker, Church, Scott, Bradish and Morrison.

My Maternal Family Names: Barbee, Trice, Patterson, Miller, Beaumont, Walker, Ebert, Badgley, Rittenhouse, Garner, Arnold, Rockhold, Adams, Badgley, Quick, Day, Freeland, Atkins, Smith, Stroud, Valentine, Major, Rockhold, Rickerts, Wilkinson, Hand, holland, Howell and Lakin.

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